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Diamondstar Dogs Policies

Questions about our puppies or terms
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Call/text us at 810-886-1159



Deposits received in advance will hold the specified puppy of your choice.
Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE if you should change your mind for any reason. This insures that no puppy is left waiting for a new home an unreasonable time.

Deposits are only refundable if the puppy should, for any reason, become unavailable for placement due to health issues developed while in my care.
Deposits are accepted by paypal, cash or money order. Personal checks accepted as deposit before pups are 6 weeks of age allowing time to clear our bank.


You are more than welcome to make payments to me towards your puppy while you wait for it to be old enough to go home.
No puppy leaves for it's new home without full and final payment!


Dachshund Pet Adoption Agreement
Shelly Windsor ~
810-886-1159 ~ [email protected]

I, SHELLY WINDSOR, the breeder of this puppy, do enter into an agreement with below signed person(s), known as “New Owner”, to transfer ownership of _______________, a chocolate & tan long coat from our _____________________, born ____________I do transfer ownership to the New Owner for the adoption fee stated below to be paid in full at the time of the transfer minus any deposits received prior. Included are proper registration papers, sent when proof of spay/neuter has been received for pet/companion only puppies. This puppy is being purchased as a PET/COMPANION ONLY.
                   Standard Terms of Agreement for a 2 year Health Guarantee:
*I guarantee that this puppy is in good health at the time of this agreement to the best of my knowledge.
*The New Owner agrees to have the puppy examined by their veterinarian within 72 hours, (3 business days), at their expense to insure this guarantee. If the puppy is determined to be in poor health at this visit, and have a genetic fault found by their vet that will not allow this pup to be a good pet companion with quality of life, they can elect to keep the puppy, assuming all costs for its care, or may return the puppy for a full refund or exchange for another puppy of the same value, should or when one is available.  The New Owner must present a statement from their veterinarian as proof of any such genetic condition/health issue if returning the pup. Refund, or exchange for another pup is only at the return of the originally adopted pup.
*Change in the diet of the pup within the first 2 weeks cancels the health agreement, no exceptions. Sudden diet changes can cause severe illness, dehydration and can even lead to death. Pups have enough changes and stress with the move in those first 2 weeks without adding diet changes.
*The New Owner certifies by signing this contract that the puppy will live with the New Owner, and is not being purchased for the purpose of re-selling or puppy mill breeding.
*The New Owner must continue this pup on the same food it has been raised on, Pawtree Chicken and Oatmea formula food, for the benefits of health and overall well-being of the pup. It is highly recommended that the pup remain on Pawtree brand foods for life. Pawtree food must be purchased from my link for confirmation that the contract is being followed. Not continuing on this food threw my link voids this contract guarantee. You may switch to any of our other recommended varieties at 6 months old from the same link.
*All normal vet care, vaccinations and worming checks must be kept current and treated for as needed.
*Exclusions are parvo, coccidia, giardia, parasites or other diseases the pup could come in contact with after it leaves our home, and any injuries sustained in the care of the new owner. Also excluded are un-descended testicles in males. I cannot guarantee that both or either testicle will drop in a male pup at this age. I do not exchange, refund or financially compensate for un-descended testicles. Alopecia in dilute color dogs cannot be know at this age and can’t be guaranteed against.
*Every effort has been made by the breeder to correctly estimate your puppy’s mature size and color, but no guarantee is made as to the accuracy at this young age. Diet, exercise, metabolism and other factors are all involved.                                                                                                                         *Puppies being purchased as companion pets must be spayed/neutered by 12 months of age. Registration papers will be withheld until proof of surgery is given. Once proof of spay/neuter has been sent to me, the breeder, I will mail out any registration papers the pup was purchased with. No registration papers will be given if proof of spay/neuter is not given. Proof must be mailed to me.
*This contract is agreed upon and signed by both the Breeder and New Owner for the well-being of this puppy.
*If at any time the New Owner is unable to keep this puppy/dog for any reason, I must be notified and have first option of taking the puppy back, or helping to re-home it. No puppy is to go to a dog pound or shelter.  No refund is guaranteed if a puppy/dog is returned. It depends on age, health and reason of return. If a refund is given, it is after I have been able to re-home the pet and the refund will be no more than half of the original adoption fee. Any refund is determined on an individual basis involving age and health condition of the pup/dog and why it is being returned. This includes puppies returned due to any family members allergy problems.         

Breeder’s Signature___________________________________________Date________
Buyer’s Signature______________________________­­­­_____________Date_________
Buyer’s Printed name:

Buyer’s address:
Buyer’s contact info:   

Fee: $                   Non-Refundable Deposit: $                            Balance Due: $
Deposit is non-refundable and is to be kept as a care and holding fee while re-homing the puppy.

Customized Pet Nutrition!
All of our pups will be eating Chicken and Oatmeal Formula from the link below.
Please make sure to order 2 weeks in advance of picking up your puppy.